Secure Payment

We are dedicated about security, so our payment solution uses SSL encryption of communication between you, the web shop and the payment service provider. SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer and is a security protocol. SSL ensures that data is encrypted / encoded so that no one can copy your credit card during the transaction. SSL feature lies in the browser and automatically activated when you shop in the store. You should not install additional software in order to benefit from SSL.

Our payment solution is fully PCI certified, which is an international standard for credit card data handling. The standard defines a set of requirements for the storage, transmission and handling of credit card data - and how to check that the requirements are met.

Both consumers and e-commerce stores will benefit from the enhanced safety requirements laid down by a PCI certification, which reduces fraud and gives you a greater sense of security as a customer in the shop.

Our payment solution also supports 3-D secure payments.

When paying by credit card, we do reserve the right to verify the card and the order's validity. The verification is based on a variety of factors, and we reserve the right to reject your order without further notice, if the order cannot pass the verification.