Royal Consul Europe A/S - RCE

RCE was founded in 1958 in a Danish town called Nykoebing Mors, in order to commen-ce distribution of quality sewing machines in Denmark. This initiative turned out to be an enormous success due to an amazing re-ception of these quality sewing machines on the Danish market.

RCE decided to expand its market to include international markets as well. RCE products are now represented in more than 12 Euro-pean countries, including Norway, Sweden, Finland, Germany and the United Kingdom.

This particular initiative has also turned out to be advantageous for RCE because the demand for inexpensive quality sewing ma-chines, on these international markets, has been constantly increasing.

Evidently, this has resulted in the develop-ment of several new products, which are functional and innovative like our previous products. Therefore, RCE products are still able to impress and to delight its customers.

RCE will, in the future continuously concen-trate on distribution of inexpensive quality products and will focus on the most impor-tant part of the company’s success; satis言ed customers!