We have chosen to work with some of the most professional providers of parcel services, so that you can choose who will deliver your goods when you buy in the shop. Even though we do take reservations for items being delayed during transport and it should be recalled that we cannot be liable for orders incorrectly addressed, or otherwise false, inaccurate and / or incorrect registration, that may cause product loss in transit. Likewise we cannot be held responsible for events beyond our control.

All items you see in the shop are in stock and will be reviewed and quality assured before shipment, but in rare cases, delivery is not completed because the goods are temporarily out of stock, or is not in a condition, we want to send forward. If an item on your order may be delayed / sold out, the other items you have ordered will be shipped and the backorder will be sent to you free of charge. In case the order cannot be fulfilled, your payment will be cancelled and a notification will be sent by mail.

All shipments are insured by us, but should you unexpectedly receive a damaged package, you must immediately and before opening it, report it to the carrier or location where you received your package. If the delivery is without tracking, you should contact us. Once you have received / signed the package receipt, you are responsible for the product.